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Harold Washington Local 1600, Weekly Update

Week 1:  January 8-January 12, 2018


Union Victories from December 2017:

*Step 2 Grievance Victory:  We won a Step 2 grievance on behalf of a faculty member from Malcolm X.  He was pulled out of a summer course summer 2017.  He is being paid the remaining amount for the course.

*Student Complaints Procedure:  In December, Adriana and I talked to Academic Affairs and after mediating for an HW faculty member, Academic Affairs has agreed to address all student complaints first with faculty, then chairs, then if there are further concerns the administration.

January 2018 Issues and Meetings:

*Presentation for Tutors in December 2017 and January 2018:  Adriana presented a Union introduction to tutors last semester for part-time professionals.  We have upcoming presentations this Wednesday and Friday for tutors from the Tutoring Center.

*Post-Tenure Voting, Two Meetings:  Thursday, January 11th, Adriana and I met with Academic Affairs to discuss the TAP voting process.  Later Adriana, met with the department in question to discuss the voting process and treatment of untenured candidates.  The Union strongly urges departments to follow the department voting process.   

*MOS and CIS Meeting:  Tuesday, January 9th Adriana and I accompanied a faculty member to discuss the possibility of a new certificate and future of the CIS program with Dr. Lopez, VP Sarrafian, and Dean Paul Thompson. 

*Harold Washington Finance Committee Meeting:  On Thursday, January 11, the HW Executive Board (Assistant Chapter Chair, Jackie Cunningham, Treasurer Ray Tse, and Social Chair Juan Martinez attended).  We discussed investing around $400 to raise money for our local Union scholarships.  Juan Martinez is also planning social events like Yoga on Tap, Karaoke, and our May scholarship banquet.  Jesú is planning on having a fun Union on Tap Fridays to discuss the Contract.

*CCCTU Contract Action Meeting:  Along with representatives across the City Colleges, five Harold Washington faculty attended the first Contract Action Team meeting on Thursday, January 11th.  Tony Johnston, our Union President, is sending out an online form for members to submit their priorities regarding Contract issues.


*Donations for Red T-Shirts and Re-Signing Members Up:  Thursday, January 18, from 10a.m. to 4p.m. Jaime Yuhas, Union Organizer, and I will be displaying Union T-shirts ($20 donation) and re-signing members up in the first-floor lobby.  All Union members have to be re-carded.

*Wear Red Thursdays:  Don’t forget to wear red on Thursdays to show Contract solidarity.  I have red buttons in my office, 629.

Upcoming HW Officer and Delegate Meetings (Not for General Membership):  (1) House of Delegates Meeting, Friday, January 19th 4p.m. at 1901 West Carroll; Prof. Mahmud will be working with house delegates, so we have full attendance.  (2) HW Executive Board Meeting, Thursday, January 25th Room TBA (we have to meet at 4p.m. because we have an Enrollment Committee meeting, 3p.m. to 4p.m.)   (3) Upcoming Negotiation Meeting on Tuesday, January 16 at 1p.m. for negotiation team members.  Jesú will be in attendance.

Meetings for Members:  Contract Action Team Meeting on Thursday, January 25 at 6p.m. at 1901 West Carroll.  If you want to be part of this committee and attend, let me or Jaime Yuhas ( know you wish to join.  You have to enter the side of the building and ring Suite 200 to go into the building.

Blog Updates: I am working on making the blog more robust and posting both the newsletter and longer updates there.


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