For Students
What is the FAST Fund?
The Believe in Students HWC FAST Fund is a not-for-profit organization that provides small grants to current HWC students quickly so you can overcome economic emergencies, stay enrolled, and graduate.

What does the HWC FAST Fund provide?
Small monetary grants to address economic emergencies for housing (i.e., partial rent assistance, utilities), food, and learning (i.e., Internet). Please keep in mind that if there are other resources available (e.g., food pantries), we will direct you to those, as well.

Who is eligible?
Current HWC students experiencing a financial emergency who has requested financial assistance through the HWC Wellness Center @hwc-wellnesscenter@ccc.edu. DACA students are eligible.

What is required to apply?
The applicant must be a current HWC student who has requested financial assistance through the HWC Wellness Center @hwc-wellnesscenter@ccc.edu. If selected to apply for the HWC FAST Fund, a faculty member reference must endorse your request.

How do I receive the money?
Currently, the only method for us to distribute the money is through PayPal. If you are awarded an HWC FAST Fund grant, you will need to have a PayPal account to receive the funds.

What evidence do I need to show to demonstrate an economic emergency?
Since we are working with the HWC Wellness Center during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are waiving most requirements for demonstrating a financial emergency and need.

How long does it take?
During COVID-19, requests for FAST Funds are currently only accepted via referral from the HWC Wellness Center (@hwc-wellnesscenter@ccc.edu). FAST Fund requests can be made Saturday-Thursday; requests are processed and reviewed on Fridays.

For Faculty
How can I refer a student who has a financial emergency?
To streamline the process and put students in touch with other financial resources administered through the HWC Wellness Center, please ask students to contact the HWC Wellness Center @hwc-wellnesscenter@ccc.edu. We ask that you do this during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What can I do to contribute to or work on the HWC FAST Fund?
Please follow us on Twitter @HWCFASTFund and help circulate fundraising calls. If you would like to be involved more intimately, please contact the local 1600 HWC chapter chair.

How was the HWC FAST Fund started?
If you would like to read more about how the HWC FAST Fund was started, please read “Nonprofits Team Up To Help Students Left Jobless, Homeless By COVID-19” by Jackson Schroeder or about FAST Fund Recipients.

For Donors
Can I donate money to the HWC Believe in Students FAST Fund monthly?
Yes, you can. When you donate through PayPal, there is an option to give on a monthly basis.

How do I contact the HWC Believe in Students FAST Fund?
To contact the HWC Believe in Students FAST Fund, find us on Twitter @HWCFASTFund

Who runs the HWC Believe in Students FAST Fund?
In conjunction with Believe in Students‘s FAST Fund program, HWC faculty volunteers administer the FAST Fund and vet student applications.


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