I write to share information about the HWC FAST Fund for our students and ask you to circulate information to raise more money for the FAST Fund for HWC students.

What is the HWC FAST Fund?
First, the FAST Fund seed money ($5,000) was awarded a few weeks ago. Erica McCormack and Kristin Bivens have been working vetting applications and awarding funds with Eric Crabtree-Nelson and his team in the Wellness Center. If you have a student with a financial need, please advise them to send an email to @hwc-wellnesscenter@ccc.edu to start the process of applying for a FAST Fund.

How can I learn more about the FAST Fund?
With Jesu’s permission and support, I have created a microsite within our HWC local 1600 blog: HWC FAST Fund. [If you notice any issues with the microsite, please let me know (off list, please) about those issues.] Also, please consider following us on Twitter @HWCFASTFund

What can I do to contribute?
You can contribute by making a donation or sharing the following message (or a version you would like) on social media:

—–“Want to help HWC students keep learning during the COVID-19 health crisis? Please consider donating to the HWC FAST Fund.”

You can find statements from students on the HWC FAST Fund site. For example,

“It was not just the financial assistance that was given, but the way caring consideration was provided; I did not feel as if my problems were a burden, and I am grateful for the help”

–L.S. @HW_College student and @HWCFASTFund Recipient


“The help provided by the FAST Fund helped my family alleviate the financial pressure, and I definitely will try to pay it forward down the line. I can not thank you enough.”

— R.C. @HW_College student and @HWCFASTFund Recipient

In advance, thanks for all that you do and continue to do for our students.

In solidarity,
–Kristin Marie Bivens


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