Election 2017 Notice

Local Harold Washington College/District and CCCTU Elections

By Dr. Jesú Estrada

Local 1600 Elections for Harold Washington College/District Chapter Officers: Elections for Local 1600 officers are happening this week, Monday through Thursday in room 402, from 9a.m. to 5p.m. Elections will also be held at District this Friday from 9a.m. to noon in the coffee shop seating area. You will see a black ballot box, supervised by Larnell Dunkley, who will be wearing Union swag. There is only one slate running, Resistance Slate; however, you should vote to support the new officers. I am very pleased that a number of new members stepped up to serve, including a District Professional. As far as I know, this is the first time our chapter has run a professional from District. I am incredibly pleased that our chapter continues to be Democratic and inclusive of all Union members, even those from our satellite campus. These chapter elections are separate from the CCCTU elections that are being held via mail.

Cook County College Teachers Union Elections: The election for our union officers is also happening right now. As you know our Union services our City Colleges and seven suburban colleges. The only contested position is that of president; both current President Tony Johnston and Mel Anderson are running. I have sent out their position statements via the Union Google List. I have invited both to come to our campus, and Mel Anderson is coming this Wednesday 3/8 from 2p.m. to 3p.m. in room 1008. Tony will not be able to come this week because he is negotiating a number of suburban contracts, and their negotiation teams are seeking his support (our Union negotiates 23 contracts). On Wednesday, Tony is arguing for the Elect the School Board bill in Springfield.

If you did not get a ballot in the mail, please call IFT representative Mary Smith at 630-468-4080.

Vote, vote, vote!


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