District Professional Contract Exploration Meeting

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers, In an effort to post immediate updates and try to avoid confusion, I am reviving the blog for meetings announcements and updates.  (I will still use other means, bu…

Source: District Professional Contract Exploration Meeting


H.W.C. 10/27 Sanctioned Meeting Room Change, TBA

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

There will be an unplanned room change for this Thursday’s Union Meeting at Harold Washington College because our event got bumped for the District Open House. I didn’t get any notification and wasn’t aware until I tried to get the president to sanction it. 😦

The Union meeting is this Thursday, October 27, 2p.m. to 4p.m. Room change TBA, most likely a classroom. (3:30p.m. to 4p.m. individual members issues.)

I will flyer announcement in your boxes with the room change, as soon as I get a room confirmation on Monday and have it sanctioned.

Please, bring a friend.  I will provide a light lunch.  If someone wants to help set up the food, please meet me at 1:30p.m. in the lobby.

Also, we need a volunteer secretary, or else, the minutes won’t be official.  I cannot chair the meeting and take minutes at the same time.

I hope to see many of you there.

In Solidarity,

Dr. Jesú Estrada

Professional Contract Exploration Meeting Notes, 10/21/16

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

Because members prefer shorter emails, I am putting meeting minutes here.   I will use Google Docs to issue a blog style email so you can click for more information.

I am trying to keep you informed as best I can with the limited time that I have, and am always open to constructive criticism and support.

To that end, below are the broad minutes for today’s meeting.  We will have another meeting in early November.


H.W. Professional Contract Review Meeting—Oct 21, 2016, 2:00pm


Decisions: Jesú will shorten her emails and use Google Docs with links, so people can click on a longer message.

We will also create a video to discuss Weingarten Rights; that was a side conversation but we are working on making the educational more accessible.

Faculty Contract Exploration Notes, October 20

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

First of all, I wanted to thank Dr. Heard for typing up the minutes.  Thank you.

Secondly, the members who were present wanted me to reiterate the purpose of the Contract exploration meetings.

We are going into negotiation for our Contract next year.  I know it seems like it is far away, but it is better that we get prepared early.

We have never had a Contract committee like this one that actually had time to review the Contract because previous presidents negotiated the Contract without our input.  Even during the strike of 2004, I am not sure that our rank-and-file members were involved.  That won’t be the case this time because each chapter chair WILL serve on the negotiation team, and our president is more democratic.

The purpose of this first meeting was for me to explain some background on negotiation, list who most likely will be on the negotiation team, establish ground rules, and then collectivize how we would move forward.  The small group that met did excellent work:

They decided that we will have face-to-face and regular surveys and review the entire Contract, page by page. 

We did list issues that were a major concern, but specific details will remain with me.  The administration does not need to know what these discussions entail.  Period.

I hope the purpose of these meeting is clearer.  We will continue with the H.W.C. Professional meeting tomorrow, 2p.m. to 3p.m. in room 609.

Below, see the minutes we can send out.  I am also attaching the PowerPoint presentation, in case you cannot make the meetings.


Faculty Contract Review Meeting—Oct 20, 2016, 2:00pm


  • Discussed process by which we would review the current contract and other comparable Contracts
  • Decided that we will do a face-to-face survey of Faculty member in addition to a regular survey
  • Discussed the idea of saving money during the strike and other possibilities to assist people
  • Decided to review the Contract page by page.We began reviewing the Contract through page 5.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for November 10th from 2p.m. to 3p.m.

Decisions:  Jesú will send out the PowerPoint she presented and also will explain, again, the purpose of the Exploration Meeting for people who were not present.

District Professional Contract Exploration Meeting

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

In an effort to post immediate updates and try to avoid confusion, I am reviving the blog for meetings announcements and updates.  (I will still use other means, but given the room reservation challenges and different meetings, I am using the blog for final meeting announcements.)

I am also separating the announcements for H.W.C. FacultyH.W.C. ProfessionalsDistrict Professionals, and Security Contract Explorations.  Right now, we are focusing on the Faculty and Professionals.  We will focus on Security when Mr. Fitzgerald starts meetings again.

To that end District Professional Contract Committee is scheduled on the following days:

Friday, October 28, from 11a.m. to 1p.m. in Room 309-310

Friday, November 18, from 10a.m. to 12:30p.m. in Room 309-310

==>Friday, December 2, from 1p.m. to 2p.m. in Room 1003.  

Annual Holiday Party, Saturday, December 10, Anna’s Asian Bar and Grill, 7p.m. to 11p.m.

This is the last meeting of the semester.

In Solidarity,

María (Jesú) Estrada, Ph.D
H.W.C./District Local 1600, Chapter Chair
H.W.C./District Local 1600, Grievance Committee Member
C.C.C.T.U. Legislative Committee Member
C.C.C.T.U.-District Insurance Committee Member
Twitter:  @drmariajestrada
Facebook:  Maria Jesu Estrada
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