Biometrics Press Release


Give Gov. Pat Quinn a Piece of Your Mind

Dear Union Sisters and Brothers,

That pension-slashing reform, yet another attack on workers, is devastating.  Pat Quinn could vote as early as today to make that a law.  What this means is that our return rate for our pensions would be reduced, and we are not sure how low the return rate would be.  Make no mistake, we are paying for their financial irresponsibility, when there are other real, viable solutions that don’t require the theft of our livelihood! 

Give Pat Quinn a piece of your mind and tell him not to sign this regressive reform into law and “stand strong against it”.  The mail box is currently full, but I would call during business hours and FAX him a note:

Gov. Pat Quinn

Phone:(217) 782-0244
Fax:(217) 524-4049
In Solidarity,
Jesú Estrada, Ph.D.
H.W.C./District Chapter Chair, Local 1600